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Here are some reviews from our patients:

From M.K.:

"You guy's have the most amazing pediatric nurses and dentist's. They are so nice and friendly ! Thanks Frederick Pediatrics"

From M.S.

From C.H.
"I enjoy my time whenever I go to the dentist. Everyone treats me well, and has fun."

From C.A.
"What I like about the Dentist is that during there cleaning your teeth they give sunglasses during watever there doing to you! I LOVE THIS DENTIST!!!!!"

From J.H. of Frederick, MD:
“Pediatric Dental Care is a great dental care because they clean my teeth good and they are nice to me when I'm scared.”

From D.B. of Brunswick, MD:
“This dentist is the best i have ever been to. This place is great fo children. They have really nice people. SO if you are new to town and need a dentist check out this one and you will be very happy with your choice.”

From C.R. of Frederick, MD:
“They are great at showing you how to take better care of your teeth. Everyone is very friendly.”

From T.R. of Frederick, MD:
“I was scared but my hygienist helped make me feel comfortable and did a great job cleaning my teeth.” 

From M.M. of Martinsburg, WV:
“Great service. Everyone is nice. My brother doesn't like to go to the dentist but the hygienist helps him feel more comfortable. Very clean. Staff always has a smile on their faces. :)”

From J.R. of Frederick, MD:
“Great place for kids, not much waiting and great staff.”

Here are some reviews from parents:

From M.D.
"My autistic son hates to be touched, but the employees here do an amazing job. My son doesn't mind having the work done and is happy to go to the dentist now!"

From J.L.
"Our son has been visiting since 3 years old & is actually excited to visit for cleanings! Fantastic office!"


"What a great Dentist. Makayla was kinda nervous going into our new Dentist office. But left with such a beautiful smile on her face and was excited to come back for her next cleaning! Thanks Pediatric Dental Center of Frederick you and your staff are so great!"

From J.R.
"My son felt so comfortable the entire time. I like how I can stay with him the entire time!"

From A.G.:
“Every employee we came in contact with was extremely friendly! What a great team you have!”

From C.M.:
“Everyone that we saw that day were excellent & went out of their way to make my kids comfortable.”

From D.M.:
“Great system going. I was sure that it was going to be quite a wait when I entered the waiting room and saw a room full of people. My son was seen within minutes of us filling out our paperwork and we got right back and he was taken care of right away. I was very surprised. Everyone was very courteous and friendly and knowledgeable.”

From S.N.:
“Its a good place for kids to be taken care for their dental check up as they all work together and they friendly ready for your concerns.”

From T.H.:
“I love it i felt right at home. my daughter never holds her mouth open long enough for me to brush her teeth. now after her visit she lets me”

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